Tyrone Walker (Pivot Fellow '19)

Tyrone Walker is a Justice Policy Institute Associate (JPI) where he works on prison reform through groundbreaking research, communications strategies, and organizing efforts. We inform advocates, policymakers, and the media about fair and effective approaches to justice and community well-being, and safer communities where incarceration is used only as a last resort. He has testified before the City Council to extend current law under the Incarceration Reduction Amendment Act of 2016 to afford those who committed their crimes before the age of 25 to petition for a second look for early release, providing specialized attorneys for those with mental disabilities and special needs up to the age of 25 to coincidence with our current law, and written a concept paper on reentry support for those who are being release under the current law; which the City has invested money into. Previously, Tyrone worked as an intern at JPI and have lived experience with the criminal justice system. After serving nearly 25 years in prison, Tyrone was released in December, 2018 and started classes at the Georgetown Pivot Program one week later. He graduated from Georgetown Pivot Program as one of the first 15. In his free time, he spends it playing scrabble on his phone and getting beat up by his grandson who thinks he is the ninja turtle.

Walker will be featured on the panel entitled Breaking the Cycle in a Broken System: A Discussion on Mass Incarceration and Prison Reform with Brian Ferguson (C’18), Marc Howard, Director of the Prisons and Justice Initiative, Professor of Government and Law Students of the Prisons and Justice Initiative, Paul Butler, The Albert Brick Professor in Law, Georgetown Law Center, Aliyah Graves- Brown (C’17) and Morris Will O'Kelly (B'91)